Deanna’s New York story begins when the producers of the Bolshoi Ballet wandered into a downtown jazz club in New York where a young Deanna was performing. They were so impressed by what they heard they bought her, her own jazz club. In 1992 Deanna’s music club was born and was opened on East 7th Street and 1st Avenue.

Deanna performed with some of the biggest names in jazz (Roy Hargrove, Eartha Kitt, Cecil Taylor), rock (Keith Richards, The SpinDoctors) and American culture (from Quentin Crisp to Matt Dillon and Sarah Jessica Parker to George Stephanopolous). It was there that Deanna recorded her first live jazz album, Live at Deanna’s, critically acclaimed by the press and jazz fans around the world.
Deanna’s first studio album, Marianna Trench featured original songs as well as Leonard Cohen and Sandy Denny favorites. Deanna has been featured in People magazine, The New York Times, Time Out, New York magazine as well as the front page of Billboard magazine. Deanna wrote and recorded her
Deanna wrote and recorded her second studio album Where Are You Now for Blackbird/Elektra which also received critical acclaim. Shortly after she toured North America with Jane Siberry. Her music has been featured in such television shows as Felicity, Hyperion Bay and Cupid along with the film soundtracks Down To You and Me Myself I.
Beautyway is Deanna’s third studio album featuring all new original material which marked her first major release on her own recording label.
Lost In Languid Love Songs 2013
Deanna’s latest release is entitled Lost in Languid Love Songs were she returned to her jazz roots, featuring John di Martino on piano and Harry Allen on saxophone.

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